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In the twenty-first century, there is simply no better way company owners can reach success without including the Internet in their marketing campaigns and utilizing it to communicate their customers whenever a new product is launched. Creating qualitative web design is definitely a challenging task for everyone who lacks experience and knowledge in this field, not to mention about the time-consuming hosting part; but for this part there are many professional companies that provide hosting services, including Com Web Hosting. Worth noting is that there are three widely known content management systems to opt from – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. While the last one is more complex and difficult to understand, the other two are easier to understand and utilize. Here’s a comparison between two of the most highly used CMSs – Joomla and WordPress.

WordPress – a better option for beginners

According to specialists, WordPress is the most commonly used content management system on global scale. Although some may say its blogging is rather humble, this system managed to take the world by storm, literally speaking, powering today no less than 60 million websites. It’s the leading CMS and there are very good reasons why it won this title:

  • Ease of installation and use is one of the many reasons why this CMS is so highly appreciated and utilized nowadays. There are many web hosting companies providing instant WordPress installs, which means that a business owner can benefit from a brand new site that can be immediately launched on the Internet in less than ten minutes!
  • It can be easily customized. Compared to other CMSs available on the World Wide Web, WordPress provides a significantly wider range of themes, plug-ins and customizations. You can get an appealing, attractive and high-dollar custom website with a WordPress CMS.
  • It’s completely free! And this is another aspect that makes WordPress is so widely popular. Beginners can select from a variety of free themes and plug-ins, which is great for them, because it helps them keep costs down.

Joomla – suited for the more advanced ones

Joomla is the second biggest CMS after WordPress that people resort to. Even though it’s more complicated to use than WordPress, it doesn’t get to the complexities of Drupal for instance, which makes it a perfect choice for web designers and developers that only have a few years of experience in the field.

  • The user is the core of any social network, this is generally agreed. Considering this aspect, Joomla is just the right option available for a variety of sites that have social networks and need them to be up and running easily and quite fast.
  • When it comes to eCommerce sites, Joomla is by far a much better choice than WordPress, because the setting part is performed quicker and painless. It is possible to setup an eCommerce store with WordPress as well, but it takes much more time and more special customizations compared to utilizing Joomla.
  • Another great advantage of using Joomla is that this CMS isn’t as technical as the earlier mentioned Drupal for example, which is mostly used by advanced developers. According to experts, Joomla is situated just in-between the WordPress site, which is easier to manage, and the Drupal site, which provides more power and more flexible functions.

Obviously, these are only a few characteristics that define these two content management systems. Depending on your level of experience and knowledge and the type of site you want to create, choose the CMS that suits you best.

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