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Levitating speakers are definitely one of the latest and most appealing devices there are on the market. They are beautiful, stylish, new, attractive and last but not least, extremely useful. Their features are quite performing, so if you are curious about trying one, we strongly advise you to go for it. We guarantee your investment will be worth it. However, before purchasing a floating Bluetooth speaker, you must understand how they work and which one is the most reliable choice. For starters, keep reading this article to find out the basics of levitating speakers. All the products have similar functionalities and are based on the same principle: magnetic levitation. Read on to find out more details:

How does such a speaker look like?

Needless to say, floating speaker look amazing and are the coolest gadget you could possibly buy at the moment. Manufacturers have gone the extra mile to complete the high technology of magnetic levitation with a seamless design, which makes these products really catchy and popular. A floating speaker is made from two parts: the base (a component that needs to be seated on a flat surface) and an upper part (which levitates above the first one and normally has a flat or spherical form). The result is quite futuristic and appealing, as the design is unique.

Is this technology new?

If you are wondering how the two components of the speaker manage to stay connected, the answer is simple: they both consist in magnets that create a magnetic field within which they ought to stay one near the other. Although it is through the speakers that magnetic levitation has gained so much popularity lately, the technology is not new. It has been previously used for multiple products by many manufacturers, but it never managed to have such a success.

Which are other features of floating speakers?

Besides the fact they work using magnetic levitation, you also need to know that they can be connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth and are powered by a battery. Another relevant aspect potential buyers should be aware of is that they are wireless – no need for extension cords or electrical outlet. Most floating speakers are perfectly compatible with Android, which means you can connect them not only to your laptop but also to your mobile phone, in case it has this operating system. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth signal on your cellular and you will be able to enjoy your favourite music at any time. In addition to this, given the fact that their battery is quite strong, they can be perfectly functional for up to ten hours. This makes such a device the perfect choice for a small outdoor party, road trip or short travel. Of course, this value varies from one manufacturer and model to the other, but no matter what you choose, you will still be able to enjoy some good hours of loud music.

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