Video game live streams for fun – The supplies you need

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The geek inside of you wants a perfect gaming experience. And maybe live streaming is an older dream of yours. Now, with the wide variety of specialised platforms in such things, you are one-step closer to accomplishing your dream. One of the best live stream platforms gamers can choose is DingIt.TV, but let’s see what supplies an aspiring live streamer needs in order to provide for their viewers a great experience.

1. Decide over a live stream platform

Not a supply by itself, but you must choose the platform where you will be spending a couple of good hours daily.  Of course, live streaming is all about having fun and making others to also have fun. But you need a great platform for doing so. Make sure you search your alternatives well. You want you platform that offers premium video quality. You need cutting-edge technology, you need a platform that respects their content creators and you need an overall great experience. And remember, there are many other alternatives besides the dominant players on the market.

2. A microphone is essential

Live streaming is all about entertaining yourself as well as your viewers. You want to make sure you invest in a great microphone, because all the fun is in you witty comments and (hopefully) great personality. Also, your anger rages, but that’s a completely different story. Some gamers enjoy using the incorporated microphone in their computers. But if you choose doing so, make sure you also use a set of headphones, so it doesn’t pick the game as well. You don’t want annoyed viewers.

3. A good set of headphones

While some gamers choose the incorporated microphone, the large majority enjoys using a good set of headphones with microphone. This is a handier alternative, but you want to make sure you choose a great one. Some distort the sound, and it might become confusing at some point. You can find decent products at affordable prices on the market. This way you can build a stronger relationship with your viewers and maybe, at some point build your own live streamer brand.   

4. A webcam is also necessary

Not absolutely necessary, but if you want your viewers enjoy more your videos you might want to consider one. This way, they can experience in a more personal manner your streams and build a stronger relationship with them. Also, being able to see the streamer as well creates a more accurate gaming experience. After all, most of your viewers are there for a bit of your personality, reactions and comments.

5. First live stream 101

Now, that you have your set up complete, you can start your first live stream. Don’t worry, in time, the two viewers you have now will multiply. All gamers experienced a few number of viewers at first. But, make sure their experience is a great one. Therefore, check your audio balance, the resolution and, of course, make sure you start with a game you are familiar with. Nobody wants to see a live streamer struggle while gaming.


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