The broke student’s guide to entertainment

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Chances are, if you are a student, you most likely lack the financial resources to entertain yourself. But forget about the nights out downed in alcoholic beverages of undetermined origins, forget about that expensive cable contract of yours. In fact, go ahead and cut the cord. Because with streaming services so advanced like the ones you find at the Sony Six live IPL streaming platform, you will have the opportunity to entertain yourself on a budget. Besides, there are several others that students might find appealing. Continue reading below to find out more about those.

Choose a live-streaming platform over TV cable connection

You don’t need a contract with an expensive provider in order to enjoy the numerous upcoming sports events due to happen this summer. You only need a live streaming platform that will give you access to numerous types of sports, from basketball, to cricket and football, golf and numerous others. Moreover, all the upcoming championships are promised to be live-streamed. Thing that would not happen if you were to have a cable connection. These championships are quite expensive to be aired, and even if you have all the channels airing them, your monthly fee would be exorbitant. Thus, consider making a contract with an online platform.

Don’t go out, party at home

We know, parties are the soul of the college life, but given the amount of money you spend on those expensive club tickets, it might be better if you’d find a cheaper alternative. Home parties took by storm the life of college students, when they realised that the secret to saving money is not going to expensive club parties. Choose instead to have your friends by. A game night would be perfect, of even watching together a great football match, live streamed on your TV set, straight from the amazing platform we previously mentioned. Alternatively, board games would be a great idea, and so would be some Play Station videogames. Only think about what makes you happy and have your friends by.

Go for a walk

Seriously, as boring as it might sound, some fresh air could in fact help you plenty. College students are guilty of spending way too much time on the couch, or indoors, generally. From time to time, take your friends for a walk. Go in the nearby park, and maybe have a picnic with them. Go sightseeing, if this is more of your cup of tea. Whatever you do, however, consider walking as a free way of entertainment. Many neglect moving and stretching their joints and muscles, and this affects their quality of life.

These are three of the most inexpensive entertainment ideas that students can easily put into practice. You don’t need a pricey TV cable contract, neither the expensive club parties. Make sure you consider sports events live streaming platforms as one of the main entertainment means and you will be certainly pleased.


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