Secrets to getting the best SIM only deal

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When your traditional mobile contract no longer covers your needs, and the amount you are forced to pay each month seems to no longer suit your budget properly, perhaps considering to switch to a sim only deal is necessary. This alternative gives you much more flexibility, and because you are not tied to a long term contract, you can always end your plan and seek another alternative, when desired. However, you will quickly notice that you have various possibilities, when it comes to actually selecting a sim only deal, so to make the best choice possible, you should think about the following details:

Cheapest doesn’t mean best

If you wish to benefit from sufficient text messages, call minutes and data, don’t just go buying the cheapest deal you come across. Cheap doesn’t mean you are getting the best package, and without enough minutes or data, switching to a 3G sim only and giving up on your contract will no longer seem like such a great decision to make. Although you should seek affordability, try to compare other important details before price, and don’t make money your number one selection criteria, because the chances are you will end up regretting your choice.


Nowadays, the number of minutes and text messages a mobile plan might include are no longer as relevant as they used to be back in the day, data traffic being the number one aspect that catches the attention of mobile users. Because you are probably using your smartphone mainly to browse the internet, and to chat on various social media platforms, how much data you have access to is extremely important. Look for a sim only plan that includes the exact data allowance you think would cover your needs. With a sim only deal, when running out of data, you will not be able to get access to the internet without extending your plan, so it’s recommended to make the right choice from the start, to avoid any inconveniences.

Plan length and value

Last but not least, think about the plan length you should go for. You basically have two major options in this department – either a 12 month or a one moth rolling contract. While the 1 month alternative might seem more flexible, considering you can cancel your plan at any given time, as well as choose the Pay On the Go payment methods, the 12-month contract will in fact provide you with a better value. So think carefully what you want to get more out of your sim only deal and choose the package length that suits the specifics of your mobile use better.

These are the factors that could help you in acquiring a more advantageous sim only deal package on the market. Sim only deal can be extremely convenient, in comparison with traditional mobile contract, but considering there are so many options to choose from in this department, you can easily make a mistake, so it’s better to be properly informed on the topic before going for one sim plan or another.

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