Recruiting IT people – how to build a successful process

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Working in the IT industry is not an easy thing to do. Most people would say being a developer is extremely difficult, but what about having to work with tech people on a daily basis, without you being one of them? Being an employee on a support department in an IT company can be quite challenging as well, especially for those who lack technical knowledge. If you have to recruit developers or other people with programming skills, being able to understand your candidates is crucial not only for your job, but also for the success of the company you are working for. Great journeys start with great individuals, and this puts a lot of pressure on HR department. On you will find an interesting article about how to interview developers even though you lack technical skills. We have also compiled a list consisting in pieces of advice that may help you build a successful recruitment process if you work with IT specialists. Here are our suggestions:

Know what you are talking about

You may not be specialized in programming languages, but if you are interviewing a web developer, make sure you get your facts straight. They are extremely intelligent people whose brain works on a high level, so if you are insecure or ignorant regarding a topic, especially one from their interest area, they will immediately notice. So if you are about to have an interview, do your homework in advance, unless you want to transmit an unprofessional image of yourself and the organization you work for. Make sure you know the difference between C# and C+, Java and JavaScript and so on. These are like common terms for programmers and they need to see you “speak the same language”. 

Ask the right questions

It is well known that IT people are not as talkative as recruiters would like. So when interviewing one, try not to inhibit them with questions that would normally scare even the most outgoing candidate, such as “What can you say about your personality?”. Instead, ask them something related to their interest area, their hobbies, what they like to do in their spare time, why they have chosen to work in IT, what are their professional achievements. You will discover passionate people who can speak for hours and explain you, with simple words, about complicated tech concepts and not only.   

Tell them the truth

Instead of telling them what you think they would like to hear, be honest and tell them the truth. With the incredible growth of the IT market in recent years, developers are overwhelmed with offers and promises, most of them untrue. So if you want to get their attention, be authentic and present your offer, with both advantages and drawbacks. Choose an original approach, listen to their requirements and tell them if you think the company does not match their expectations. If not, the interview will be a waste of time for both parts involved and the image of your company will be compromised.


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