PC vs. smartphone accounting software

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The latest developments in technology have made it very easy for managers to find solutions tailored to their needs and day after day these solutions are becoming more and more complex and versatile. As far as accounting goes, dedicated software has made the lives of managers much simpler, allowing them to streamline the bookkeeping process, no matter if they are dealing with it themselves or they hire an expert. However, when it comes to choosing the actual accounting software, things can be much trickier, especially in terms of platform. You have the classic PC software, but there are also accounting apps that work on smartphones. But which one is better? Use these tips when making a decision.


The bigger the company, the more you have to invest in feature-rich software that allows you to perform every action from one single place. If this is the most important thing for you when looking for accounting software, then you should stick to PC. Smartphone apps have nice features too, but, more often than now, they offer limited functionality. You can get an overview of your bookkeeping, but you cannot perform complex actions, so it’s best to invest in a full PC version such as MYOB Singapore and then maybe use the app as an extension for when you are on the go.

Ease of use

If the software will be used by your staff, not just by a professional accountant, ease of use is something you should keep in mind when choosing your provider. In this regard, a smartphone app is the clear winner, simply because mobile design is more intuitive. Options are easier to find and using the app doesn’t require that much of a learning curve. However, keep in mind that this ease of use could also mean a compromise on features and that there are many PC apps that offer plenty of features as well as ease of use.


Keeping track of bookkeeping can be quite stressful in large companies and you never know when you might need to use the app. If you want to have access to bookkeeping data while you’re on holiday or just out of office, a smartphone allows you to do that better than a PC. Therefore, if accessibility is something you value, then an app will definitely come in handy.


Although price is something that most business owners think of first, you shouldn’t base your decision on it alone, because not everything cheap is high quality. Besides, when it comes to accounting software, the price isn’t necessarily established based on the platform, but on the features. PC apps are usually more expensive, but if such an app has only basic features, then it will cost less than a feature-packed app.

The bottom line is that PC accounting apps have more to offer in terms of features and they are perfect for accountants who are already familiar with them. However, if you are not an experienced user and just need a quick overview, then a smartphone app will serve you just as well.

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