Misconceptions about business cards for women

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When it comes to business, women say that there are still many misconceptions about them and the things that revolve around them. Among these, a very special part is played by business cards. There are many women who claim that they do not know exactly what types of business cards they should use. Thus, here is a small guide with some of the most common misconceptions and the truth about them.

Misconception: “Business cards for women should be printed in cheerful colours”

Let’s take it step by step. It is true that usually women choose cheerful colours for their outfits such as dusty pink, baby blue, orange, yellow, light green, magenta or red, but it does not mean that their business cards should be printed by using the same colours. No! You should choose whatever suits you best and you should match the colours wisely. Also, forget about feminine symbols such as flowers, cats, puppies, candies, cupcakes and so on if do not like them at all.

What is more, there are even people who say that these printing elements can make you seem less mature. And people do not trust immature women. But this is not completely true. If you like cats, butterflies or other similar things, you should add them as a visual element for your business. Also, if you work in the women clothing industry, in a hairstyle or beauty salon, you definitely need these feminine elements in order to make your business stand out. However, there are many talented designers in Singapore who can help you get some creative models for your cards. Thus, you should search for namecard printing Singapore, on the Internet.

Misconception: “People who see the name of a woman on a business card, have the tendency to ignore it”

This is nothing but wrong. We live in modern times when people have already understood that women are as important as men, when it comes to business industry. It is true that there are some exceptions from this rule, but you should just ignore them. There are many business women who have become successful, by occupying some leading positions, not only in Singapore, but also worldwide. Follow their example and show your business cards proudly. People will have to take you seriously.

Misconception: “Women have the tendency to add too much information on business cards”

This is not always true. But, yes, there are studies which indicate that women talk more than men and they use many words which help them expressing their thoughts/ feelings. On the other hand, there is also true that women know that when it comes to business, it is highly recommended to keep things simple. Thus, in the majority of cases when they think that the space is not large enough to add all the necessary information, they use the two sided name cards. Last but not least, they also know that the most important part of this information, such as the contact details, should be put on the front side in order to make sure that people will notice them first.



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