How to Use WhatsApp for PC

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Isn’t technology great? Today we are so surrounded by it that we never even stop to think about it, and how much easier it has made our lives. The buses that take us where we need? Why they’re the most common thing in the world, we say, but we forget that a century ago, people were still mostly using carriages. Mobile phones are something so ordinary today, that even poorer people can afford cheap versions. We live in an age where technology isn’t invented just for the sake of progress and mankind’s betterment, but purely for pleasure as well. Everyone seems to have crammed their whole lives into one smartphone, and this device has become a medium of eternal entertainment. Yet if we know how to use them, they are a source of infinite access to information as well. And the best thing? Now we can share that information on all our devices, no matter where we are, because we can install PC software on mobile phones, and install mobiles apps on PCs. For instance, you can now install WhatsApp for PC; WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications, because it offers great services based on your mobile phone number.

What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is an easy to use app which allows you to communicate with your friends in a simple manner. You can text message, send photos, videos or audio files, and it’s all ad free! Moreover, the app is completely free of charge in the first year, and after that, you are simply asked to pay one or two dollars per year, depending on where you live. In fact, in some cases, your WhatsApp is automatically upgraded to a newer version without requiring pay. Unfortunately, the official version of this app is only available for mobile phones. Nevertheless, there are ways around this problem.

How to install WhatsApp for PC

The task is quite simple, really. In order to install and use WhatsApp for PC, or any other mobile application or game for that matter, you must first install a software called Bluestacks. This Bluestacks Emulator is found free of charge for download, and is installed in a few simple steps. Once you have it on your PC, run the program: you will see a search toolbar. That is where you type in “WhatsApp”, and you’ll be provided with a few sources for the app. If If Whats App for PC, does not suit your taste or your needs for communication, you can use BlueStacks in order to install similar apps such BBM for PC, WeChat for PC or Kik Messenger for PC. These apps are similar to WhatsApp and some people say that they are even better. Nevertheless, WhatsApp is by far themost popular instant messenger app.

Choose one, click on it, and the installation steps will start running; there is nothing special you need to know about installing WhatsApp for PC. It runs like any other exe, you just click a few options and settings, and it’s done! Now, you can simply run WhatsApp on your home computer and laptop, and have access to your contacts everywhere you are. In this fast-moving world, being able to communicate efficiently with friends or business associates is vital, so make smart use of technology.

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