How to Download WeChat for PC

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When it comes to the most popular types of mobile apps, messenger apps are on the top ranked positions. As we still don’t have any global mobile providers, it is very expensive to call people from other countries or even people from your own country who are in a different mobile network. Therefore, the fact that internet allows people to communicate freely around the world is a big bonus that mobile users like to make good use of. WeChat is a very efficient instant messenger app. It may not be as popular as Viber, BBM or WhatsApp but is definitely very efficient. Unfortunately, like all mobile apps, WeChat’s official version is only compatible with mobile operating systems. Nevertheless, there is a way in which you can legally download Wechat for PC. Stick with us and you will see just how easy it is to use mobile apps on your PC.

Main features

As most instant messenger apps, WeChat allows you to communicate freely with your friends from around the world. You can send text messages, images, videos and voice recordings. One of its biggest advantages is its user friendly interface. It also has a very good sound quality when it comes to voice and video calls. It can also be used as a real time walkie talkie, allowing you to communicate with 40 friends, at the same time. Last but not least, this app is completely free. All you have to do is sign up. Furthermore, despite the fact that this app was created solely for mobile phones, with a little guidance, anyone can download WeChat for PC.

WeChat for PC

Mobile Apps can not be downloaded directly onto your PC unless you are using a software which simulates a mobile operating system. The best such software is BlueStacks. This program is an Android Emulator, which allows you to download WeChat for PC as well as many other mobile apps. If you have never used this program before, go to the official website where you can download BlueStacks for free. Once the program is installed on your computer, it will create a desktop icon. Click on that icon in order to open the BlueStacks menu. You will notice a Search Bar that you can use in order to find any type of mobile app. Type in” WeChat” in the Search Bar. Click on the install button of the first displayed result. This button will download WeChat for PC while also installing it on your computer. In order to use this great instant messenger app, go to the My Apps option within the BlueStacks menu and click on the icon of the desired app. This method can be used for other mobile apps as well. If you want to try out BBM for PC or WhatsApp for PC, you can also download them with BlueStacks and you will find them in the MyApps folder within BlueStacks.

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