How to Download Flappy Bird For PC

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Flappy Bird is one of those games which drives you crazy yet you can’t seem to stop playing it. The game was surrounded by a lot of scandal, since several players did some crazy things while under a nervous break-down caused by the game. At one point, the developer who created this game, stopped  selling it, as he was appalled by the negative impact that this game had on the masses. Furthermore, he was also accused of copying the design of Mario Bros. While the game’s interface slightly resembles that of Mario Bros, this game is completely different. All scandals aside, we have to admit that this is a great game. It is simple and challenging, just like the old arcade games of our childhood. Although this is a mobile game, its gigantic popularity caused for an online version which can be played on a PC. However, online games require constant access to the internet and there is a far more comfortable way of playing this game on a personal computer. Stay with us, as we are about to tell you how to download and install Flappy Bird for PC.

Main features

This game is very simple. You control a bird, which must avoid some pipe obstacles. You must tap the screen in order to flap the bird’s wings, causing it to maintain its altitude or fly higher. Unless you tap the screen, the bird will start descending. The gaps within the pipes are set at various heights, so you must always adjust your altitude. When you install Flappy Bird for PC, you control the bird by clicking your mouse instead of taping the touchscreen, as you do on your Smartphone. As you can see, the game play is pretty simple. Some even consider this game dumb, but you only need to play it once in order to be hooked. It is definitely one of the most addictive games of all times.

Download tutorial

A lot of people use .apk files in order to download Flappy Bird for PC, but that only works if you have a secure downloading source. A safer way to download this game on your personal computer is with the use of an Android Emulator. Go to BlueStacks official website and download BlueStacks for free. Once this program is installed, it will create an icon on your computer. Click on that icon in order to open the program and go to the Search Option. Type in Flappy Bird and click on the install option of the first displayed result. Once the game is installed, you can find it in the MyApps folder within BlueStacks. Here, you can find all your apps, downloaded through BlueStacks. Once you realize that mobile games are more fun to play on your PC, you might also want to install Panda Run for PC or other similar arcade-style mobile games.

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