How to Download BBM for PC

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The great thing about a mobile instant messenger app is that it allows you to text your friends directly on their phones, free of charge. This type of apps are very popular at the moment. BlackBerry Messenger is one of the most popular such apps. Although its popularity is slightly bellow WhatsApp‘s popularity, BBM is a much safer app. However, like all mobile apps, BBM is only available for mobile operating systems. However, a lot of people would like to use this app on their personal computers as well because it is a lot easier to type on a normal keyboard. Furthermore, personal computers have great packages of unlimited internet traffic whereas mobile networks offer few traffic benefits. So, these being said, today we will tell you all about BBM’s great features and we will also teach you how to download BBM.

BlackBerry Messenger Features

The reason why a lot of people want to know how to download BBM for PC is that this app has a lot of amazing features. BBM allows you to send images, videos, voice recordings and pictures to your friends who also have a BBM account. BBM also has a very nice feature which allows you to effortlessly switch from a text conversation to a voice chat. This app is also a sharing platform which allows you to share anything with your friends- from events to the movies you are watching and the songs that you are listening to. The apps’ interface is very user friendly. Furthermore, this app is completely free. Last but not least, this app is constantly being upgraded in order to satisfy all of the user’s sharing needs.

Download BBM for PC Steps

Mobile apps are designed specifically for mobile operating systems such as Android or IOS. Therefore, you cannot simply install them on your computer and expect them to work. You will need an Android Emulator such as BlueStacks. If you have never used this software before, simply go to the official BlueStack website where you can download the program for free. Once the program is installed, click on the BlueStacks icon which should now be found on your desktop. This program has a search option which allows you to surf through various mobile apps. Use this option in order to find BBM. Simply type in BBM, click on the install button of the first result and the program will start downloading and installing itself automatically. Once the program is installed, you can find it in the My Apps option of the BlueStacks menu. You can use BlueStacks in order to download other similar apps as well such as WeChat for PC or Viber for PC.

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