5 signs that you need to invest in bespoke software

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Unlike huge corporations, small businesses do not have seize all the opportunities. They have to struggle in order to gain a competitive boost, especially when it comes to technology. Purchasing of the shelf software is not a good idea, especially when you are trying to improve business processes. As budget-friendly as they may be, commercial programs have major shortcomings. To be more precise, they address the needs of different companies in the industry, so chances are that it will not be sophisticated enough in order to meet your incredibly unique needs. On the contrary, the software may be far too complicated for needs. In order to create an entirely new revenue stream, you have to invest in bespoke software. For bespoke software development, please check the link. If you are not sure that it is time to invest in bespoke development, look out for the following warning signs:

The existing software is not helping your business

Although you may have started your business with commercial software, in order to be successful and thus offer your clients value, you should consider switching to bespoke software. Commercial apps only work to a certain point and there are times when it can cause you more headaches than solutions. Once your business grows the solutions provided by the off the shelf solution, it is time you should talk to an app development company. With the help of a custom development company, you will be able to be active in the one place that your customers spend the most time: online. So, do not wait until your business software becomes outdated to replace it.

You spend too much time on double-entering data

If your employees have to constantly double-enter the data into systems that do not communicate with each other, then your business is far from being efficient. Manual entry data will not only waste the time of your personnel, but it will open the door towards making mistakes. Transactional inefficiency is not that uncommon when manual work is performed, especially when employees are required to do the work again. When your organisation is spending too much time on typing data, it is time to start using automated data entry methods.

You have to adapt your business to the software

The fact is that your businesses needs will change in time and commercial software will not be able to keep up.  What many business owners do is change the business process in order to comply with the peculiarities of the software. This eventually leads to redefining your business goals, which is not a good practice. Instead of accommodating the needs of your software, you should do the exact opposite, namely accommodate the software to the needs of your business. Custom software has the flexibility to adapt to the changes in your company.

You are unable to make changes to the system

The greatest disadvantage of off the shelf software is that it will not allow you to make any changes whatsoever. This means that you will have no level of control offer the solution and will not make a good fit for your company. For unique functionality, you will have to commission the vendor and it is needless to say that each time you need an upgrade you will pay considerably.

You communicate via email

A small business tends to communicate with employees in order to make sure that business processes are going the way they should. While email communicating is the preferred method of communication, it is not as efficient as people think it is. Messages can be easily misunderstood, not to mention that there is no transparency. In order to manage your projects better you need to invest in a custom solution.

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