How IT companies should market themselves at events

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Considering that you are running an IT company you may think that it is enough to promote your business through social media means. The fact is that if you want to find new clients, this strategy may work, but if you want to find new partners, then you should attend network events because this will […]

Secrets to getting the best SIM only deal

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  When your traditional mobile contract no longer covers your needs, and the amount you are forced to pay each month seems to no longer suit your budget properly, perhaps considering to switch to a sim only deal is necessary. This alternative gives you much more flexibility, and because you are not tied to a […]

Discover the latest features of 2018 Chevrolet Suburban

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  Full-size SUVs are quite intimidating due to their size and some drivers might hesitate when it comes to purchasing such a vehicle for everyday use. On the other hand, travel enthusiasts consider this a big advantage, literally and figuratively, because it allows them to enjoy plenty of space and implicitly comfort when spending many […]

Finding customer service phone numbers the easy way

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  You have probably faced on more than one occasion the need of contacting the customer service of a particular company in the UK, but were unable to find their phone number. Well, if you opt for the right solution, this aspect will no longer be a problem. The best solution in these situations is […]

WordPress vs Joomla CMS

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  In the twenty-first century, there is simply no better way company owners can reach success without including the Internet in their marketing campaigns and utilizing it to communicate their customers whenever a new product is launched. Creating qualitative web design is definitely a challenging task for everyone who lacks experience and knowledge in this […]

Android versus iOS – what should I choose?  

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    You are in the middle of a dilemma regarding which type of phone suits you best? There are so many articles over the Internet stating Android is better than iOS or the other way around that you have no idea what to believe anymore. Then how about hearing a very objective comparison between […]

Tips on how to choose the right accounting software

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  As a business owner, you know that in order to gain money, you have to invest them. When you already have a business the smartest thing to do would be to start investing in actual tools and software that could help you grow your company, that would streamline the work of your staff and […]

Smart tips to save money while shopping online

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  Nowadays more and more people buy online the products and services they need. If in the past they were afraid that the clothes they order would not fit and that the shipping will take forever, nowadays, they know that it takes a few days to change the article, if they are not satisfied with […]

Qualities of a great app maker

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  Like it or not, we live in the age of the gadgets. And if you don’t have one for your business, chances to remain unnoticed on your segment are unfortunately, quite high. Because of this reason, products like Siberian emerged on the market. But what could they do for you? Improve your life? Well, […]

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